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2003-08-17 - 4:12 p.m.

Oof, I am exhausted. Just returned from a 22-mile ride all over downtown. Hit the farmers' market, had breakfast with Beek, went to my LYS (new yarn! new yarn!), went through Old Sac and Discovery Park to people watch, knit for a couple of hours, and finally rode home. It was all fine until I headed home at 2:30, only to realize that my backpack now weighed 35# and it was topping 96 degrees outside. Can you say sticky and sweaty? But now I'm clean and refreshed, ready to munch on nectarines and 3-bean turkey chili for early dinner.

The yarn I bought for Daddy's Christmas vest is sooo pretty. It's Guernsey by Naturally in color 120, a deep chocolate brown with red flecks. I hope he likes it. Pattern is from Folk Vests by Cheryl Eberle. Mostly it's double-moss and a center cable. I'm tempted to start swatching, but am only 4" into the left front panel on Mom's jacket, so should probably be patient. Sigh. I suck at patience.

Beek and I had a great day in San Francisco yesterday. Meeting devBear and her husband was a pleasure and far too short. Good luck in Japan to them both. Hope the language disks come in handy. We then trotted over to the Chagall exhibit at SFMOMA. If you're in the neighborhood - and by neighborhood I mean California, Oregon, or Nevada - please go see it. I've been through a lot of exhibits in my day, and this one's prime. It's arranged chronologically and thematically, with lovely and concise overviews of major periods in Chagall's career. I hadn't really seen much of his work for the theater and opera in Moscow before. Some very confused looks came my way when I busted out laughing at a couple of the set pieces. They're just so full of life and joy. And then there are the engravings of Old Testament scenes. They're almost enough to turn me into a believer. Have you seen Wiliam Blake's art? Similar in many ways, only without the new age look.

It was lovelier than expected to have Beek along; we were both so touched by the exhibit that it wasn't really necessary to talk for the next hour or so. The evil genie did win one small battle, though; I bought myself a brushed sterling necklace and earring set from the MOMA store. They're delicate, soft, just right for every day. The evil genie won another small battle when we trekked up to Lush up on Powell. My credit card may never recover. How can anybody resist a solid shampoo that smells just like Sleepytime tea? I won't tell you how much I spent, but suffice to say that I could have smuggled a small chld in the bag afterwards.

I think that's it. Now I have to drag myself into the kitchen. Good thing the microwave works.

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