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2003-08-16 - 9:36 a.m.

So you know that you want to start your day with a disgusting story, right? Of course you do!

I feed my cat with dry food and individual packets called something like Kitty Chunks that are asceptic. This morning I was standing half-awake in the laundry room in my underwear and t-shirt, tearing open a packet, when SPLASH! the revolting contents flew up and INTO MY EYE. Ew! Gross! I have by-produts on my iris! I'm seeing codfish flakes! I smell like kitty chunder!

I fled for the shower immediately, but am coating myself in The Body Shop's lemon-green tea fragrance oil for fear that residue remains on my face. I can't think of a grosser way to start the morning.

Stayed up far too late last night having dinnerndrinks with the fantabulous Co-Worker. Two Absolut martinis made the Friday night transition very easy. And the discussion, which went from the study of ethics within philosophy to La Boheme to how scary it is to living in all-white neighborhoods to the emotional unavailability of 30-something men, was good fun. I was never once tired or bored or ready to go home until the cafe where we were munching cookies was ready to shut down its patio.

She also had an entirely new perspective on the whole Nom de Plume thing, which, in my fatigued and moderately buzzed state, was really funny. Sooner or later that will stop being the thing that's uppermost on my mind. But in the mean time, Co-Worker pointed out a few key elements and asked me if I was sure I would be able to tolerate those characteristics anyway. And you know what? The answer was unequivocally NO. That's great news! And no, Nom de Plume, none of them were in the spirit of hey-he's-a-jackass; they were more things that she knows me well enough to say hey, you wouldn't do well with that. That's not your style. Great! Fabulous! Tell me more so that I be grateful for the friendship! Whee!

Yeah, I think I'm tired. But I woke up today without a migraine, and that's soooo nice after a week of nonstop pain. Beek and I are meeting devBear and her hubby at 1:00 for lunch. I wish there were more time before they leave for Japan, but am thrilled they made room in what's gotta be a hectic coupla schedules. Afterward we'll head over to the Chagall exhibit, where I plan to drool and lurch at the beauty. I hope to have at least four security guards following me around. And of course it's necessary to go visit the Matisses on SFMOMA's second floor. They're old friends.

Running off now. The cat just jumped onto my bedroom windowsill, which moved the curtain, which left a gap visible from the courtyard, which means sitting here in a bra is no longer smart. Heehee. ;-)

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