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2003-10-07 - 4:32 p.m.

A while back I wrote about having things to say that I wasn't sure belonged on this blog. Then, as now, most of what I was wanting to shovel out into the ether was sex-related. I just wasn't comfortable, and besides, a good chunk of it involved someone I know reads.

Yeah, well. Somewhere in the last few weeks I stopped caring about offending anybody. So here goes.

I spent the weekend having sex. Good sex, decent sex, and the occasional mind-blowing bout. And I'm not even close to being tired. Far from it; tonight I had to cancel a date due to last-minute pre-season NBA (Kings/Clippers) tickets - and it was actually difficult to cancel.

Being me, there's a need to justify some of this to you. Yeah, there are two different guys right now. Yeah, I'm schtuppin' 'em both. But you know what? I'm 29 years old, I practice safe sex, and for reasons that I'll probably dive into tomorrow (hold on, folks), it's been a long damned time since I had reliable nookie. Nobody's being lied to; I'm not omitting anything when I talk to them. And from their reactions, they're having fun, too. So there.

Probably by tomorrow I won't be so defensive. 'Course, by then it will also have been two days, and I'll be horny again. Who says women have lower sex drives?

And one other thing: why doesn't anyone warn American women about uncircumsized penises? We were in the dark, it was our first time together, and I was completely taken off guard. Hoo boy! Now those are *fun*.

2003-10-07 - 2:46 p.m.

Yes, yes, it's been a few days. I've been busy. And I would love to tell you everything that's happened, but I'm too busy being freakin' pissed! What happened to my teams? Both of 'em went down in screaming flames. The A's failure anybody could have predicted; with the entirety of Boston drunkenly lurching into a FOX affiliate camera and a newly lame Tim Hudson, my boys were doomed. But the Giants? Hello, what happened? These guys were picked to win the Series by folks who know! I'm... I'm... teamless! Now my allegiance is all about anti-this and anti-that, which seems like a big waste. Can't stand the Braves, so I've gotta root Cubbies. Can't take one more stupid year of stupid Derek stupid Jeter's stupid freakish hair, so it's goooo BoSox.

What a waste. What a ridiculous waste.

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