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Airline prices from Sacramento to Memphis - my parents have both sold their houses!

We have tickets for the Old 97's on October 16! Happy anniversary, honey!

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December 07, 2003

December 07, 2003 - 1:41 p.m.

As I mentioned, Guinness is a buddy of Scratcher's. I love this. Let's face it; Scratcher's friends are fucking funny, and they've all treated me like some long-lost sister-in-law who's returned from a fascinating journey into the wilderness. Well, maybe not. But they're welcoming. (Except for that one time I gave the Bartender a very hard time - but I claim bourbon weakness on that front.)

It's a little freaky to suddenly have online friends be the same as in-person friends who see my dumbfuckery. I've always used this site to say things that I probably shouldn't vocalize to actual humans. Being able to free-write here keeps me sane. My friends largely don't read it; my family doesn't know it exists. I've never had to censor.

So if any of you out there - not just the BF's friends, but the rest of you who've had the misfortune of my company - ever have issues with what's written, please please with a cherry on top come talk to me first. Ok?

We now return to the regularly scheduled self-absorption. With cherries and toasted almonds.

December 07, 2003 - 9:46 a.m.

Is it bad that I can't fully reconstruct the events of Friday night? I remember sitting in the corner of our bar that always smells like urinal cakes (blech). I remember getting bored after the Kings lost to the Timberwolves* and moving to the bar to be chatty. After that it's a blur of shots and vodka, Cec and Guinness and stumbling back to Scratcher's place at 1:30 for a bath and sex. I think that we had a great time.

As a direct result of that little overindulgence, I accomplished near to nothing yesterday. A little knitting, that's it. And the appraiser was sick, so she's not coming until Monday morning, which really cheeses me - now I'll have to be late to work. Grr and damnit and all that stuff.

TOday it is so beautiful out - sunny and clear - that I'm going to bundle up and go for a bike ride. It's been too long. My calves miss being sore.

In case you're wondering, no, I have nothing interesting to say, other than my happy list should have included waking up with Katze beside me, her black nose tucked under her tail, fur softly rising and falling. I love this cat. She's been my best friend for more than 15 years. She's sassy, she's bitchy, she's loud - but she's mine.

Smooches, everybody. Have a good day. I'll be cooking, riding and knitting.

*WTF? Their first home loss in something like 3 years and it's to a team that includes Latrell Sprewell? That's so not right.

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