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2003-10-31 - 1:37 p.m.

Random wackiness:

Will someone please help me get Jay-Z's big pimpin' out of my stupid otherwise empty head?

Scratcher thinks that being half-Jewish makes it okay to dress up as "Hasidic Shaft" for Halloween. I forsee those long sideburns made out of curling ribbon. Am I stupid to think that's really fucking funny?

Lunch was damned good. Thanks, pyscho-hose-beast Boss #4!

I forsee that inviting Geologist to this party tonight so that he can hit on Miss Beek was maybe not a great idea. Unless, of course, she takes him home.

Hehe. Hasidic Shaft. Have I told you that when he's being a dork, he likes being referred to as Jacques le Coq? Why is that endearing?

Must remember to take pictures tonight for posting later. Must remember to remember camera when I'm on a puffy green cloud of smoke. (Yeah, yeah, add it to my list of bad habits, along with screening Mom's calls and the sex obsession.) Must also remember to remember camera when leaving party at 3:30 a.m. with a bottle of Ketel One in the left hand and Scratcher's ass in the other.

Must remember not to post this kind of stuff from the office.

Must remember to email back MYKP. Ack!

1:42 and counting. God I love Halloween. Pow! Whap! Batgirl kicks some University ass!

2003-10-31 - 9:05 a.m.

For once, Cosmo comes through.

I'm a big fan of The Sexual Seesaw. Flexibility good. (For the extended list of positions, try here.) But they miss out on my current favorite, to which I cannot freaking find a work-safe link. I love Halloween nookie. It reminds me of all the years doing theater. You'd be costuming a show, maybe working the set on opening night, and blam! One of your castmates would come up hoping for a little yanky-my-wanky*; from me they'd only get the makeout session, but it was a lot of fun anyway. The smell of greasepaint always gets me hot.

The costume is finished, and if I do say so, it looks fan-ta-bu-lous. Somehow over a year of dieting has also given me a booty that looks good in purple spandex, too, for an added bonus. Stretchy fabric, high-heeled boots and a push-up's going to be a good night. Five hours and counting until I can ditch the office and run free. Tickety tickety tockety tock.

*I love you, John Hughes. You have my heart forever just because of Sixteen Candles.

2003-10-31 - 8:34 a.m.

In a fit of joy brought on by Halloween, I thought answering the Cheddar X questions today would be fun.

1. What's the worst candy you've ever gotten on Halloween?
Eons ago when I was trick-or-treating, it was still acceptable in small towns to give out apples and popcorn balls. I freaking hate popcorn balls. All that goo stuck in your teeth and none of the joy of warm corny goodness. Blech.

2. What is your best comfort food?
Oh, there are so many. Mashed potatoes with peas and mushroom gravy. Chinese seafood and beancurd soup with lots of ginger when I'm sick. Roasted Granny Smith apples with some honey and nutmeg. And of course, the guilty pleasure of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom with a bumload of saltines crumbled into it. Sodium high for sure.

3. When was the last time you tried a new vegetable or fruit and what was it?
Hrm. Probably the newest thing was this summer, when I tried Korean melons for the first time. They're oval and cylindrical, bright yellow with stripes, and they smell like a combo of early sex - that same sweet muskiness - and caramelized sugar. Nummy. Look for 'em late summer.

4. Is there a dish your mom or dad made for you growing up that you hated and can't even stand to think of now?
Steak and eggs. [shudder] We raised cattle on an itty-bitty farm, so beef and eggs were cheap fare. Beef and I don't get along now. Almost every time I try to eat it - because even I get cravings for In and Out Burger - I end up doubled over with pain and nausea. Grr.

5. What's your favorite snacking food?
Fruit. All kinds. In season I'll eat four nectarines a day. Right now I'm mowing through two pounds of Bartlett pears every 48 hours. I'll even eat prunes if there's nothing else in the house.

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