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2003-10-14 - 1:51 p.m.

Woo hoo! I actually knit last night! Two more squares done on the Mitered Square bag. Only one left to go, then I start the finishing process. That felt good. I laid in bed, the laptop supplying Joe Henry and Golden Palominos songs to knit by. The battery hit zero just as I closed my eyes. Almost like the world was telling me that I should spend more time at home.

Ator brought up an excellent point in his comments to the last post. I'm an idiot. There's no link here to my food blog. Mostly that's because I never did really "finish" it the way I'd intended; I got all funky and depressed, and after that the dating roundup I've just been linking to it periodically under the Cooking header on the left. Since apparently none of you pay attention to that except MYKP (guilt guilt guilt), most of you haven't been there. So here it is, in its mostly complete, kinda rocky state: The Munching Muse. I'll try to update it more often. Sometime tomorrow there should be a fattie link from this site. Thanks, Ator! And welcome, Ez. I've seen ya over at Bump's. Good luck with your scarf - what's the stitch pattern like?

The whiskey hangover lingers on. My GI system is still all out of whack. I tried to eat a pretty normal lunch (for me) today: a burrito with black beans, tons of spinach and mushrooms, and some cheese. The Stomach (I think of it as a separate being when it acts up) is not happy. This morning my room smelled of Maker's Mark. Gah.

I promised a little info about what happened with Geologist. Let's see...well, I gave him the 'this isn't quite working' talk. Turns out it wasn't right for him, either. As soon as we got the dating junk out of the way, we were both more comfortable. So comfy that he turned to me and confided that what he really wanted was a female friend who'd give him feedback. Um, very specific feedback. We spent about two hours on a park bench discussing, as JL says, our fucklives. At some point - probably when we were talking about having sex just because you want it** - he leaned in for a very long, very well-planned kiss. I lost track of time right about then. He wanted to take me home, but I had unbreakable plans that night. Otherwise...

The best part of the conversation was when I tried to gently break it to him that being well-endowed actually can cause certain difficulties. You have to learn how to use those things! He hung his head, saying, "I know, I have a big wang. It's a problem."

[Giggle. Giggle.] It's always the quiet ones, right, girls? Anyway, he wants me to help "train" him. And to be friends as well. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, bring on the Pepto! Onward knitters! And most importantly, GO CUBS!

**This reminds me very much of the Putting It Away discussion over at Everyday Stranger. Heh.

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