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2003-09-17 - 9:22 a.m.

Last night, lying in bed*, I decided to paint my bedroom. Again. So maybe we should call it repainting. Ya see, I've already painted this room twice.

When I moved into the condo lo nine(!!) years ago, the whole place was this weird faded apricot color. At the time I was more interested in being stoned** every day than in wall color (my how things have changed), so for a long time the apricot just faded some more. Eventually I got fed up and painted the bedroom white. That lasted until the evening when four of us did mushrooms** and decided to write on my walls. With permanent marker. And I quote, "The fan's breathing at me, dude!". Um, yeah. Drugs and brain cells do not go together.

Three days later, when the 'shrooms were finally out of my system, I painted everything pale yellow. Sunny but not annoying. And it's stayed like that.

I have a couple of motivations for wanting fresh new paint. One, I ran out of sunny yellow to cover up marks a few months back. Unfortunately that was *after* I'd done some spackling. So now it looks like there was a toothpaste fight and my walls lost. Two, the color doesn't match the fancy-dancy blanket I sewed out of gorgeous batik fabric. I love this blanket; I wash it and it goes straight back on the bed. The blanket stays. The yellow goes. Three, I need a change. And since running away to Morocco to be someone's fourth wife seems sorta complicated, painting the bedroom is a place to start. Wasn't there a Sex in The City episode about Miranda buying new sheets to change her sex karma***? Well...

I am genuinely sorry to have been such a pain in the ass lately, y'all. As you know, things are not going well. This work week in particular is about as much fun as dental surgery. But after this stupid conference is over it should get better, and I will try to be perky and fun again. For starters, I'll leave you with this:

I really, really want to be Batgirl for Halloween. Cheesy 60s Batgirl, complete with red hair and the purple costume, would rock. All I can find are these costumes based on Alicia Silverstone's Batgirl. Blech. Ideas, anyone?

*Bwahahahaha, the bed says, come lie in me. You won't sleep, but see how pretty I am? How comfortable? Lay on me, o foolish one. And I will torment you all freakin' night.

**I haven't really mentioned this before, but during the late '90s, I was rarely drug-free for longer than a workday. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

***About that: I'm done dating for a while. I met someone last week; I wasn't much interested, but he asked for my number. We had what I consider the phone date from hell, but he wants to take me for coffee. NOOOOO! Forget the whole thing; I'll just be single for a while.

Updated 2:45 p.m.
Ah, yes. Here she is.

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