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Airline prices from Sacramento to Memphis - my parents have both sold their houses!

We have tickets for the Old 97's on October 16! Happy anniversary, honey!

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2003-08-26 - 9:29 a.m.

Rest in peace, Bobby. You were one of the best.

Take a look at the daikon bouncing a volleyball.

Thanks, everybody, for your concern about the bike trail incident. Other than a bruised knee, I'm ok. Not quite ready to ride, though.

For all of you that have followed the Julie/Julia Project (link at right) as obsessively as I did, now you can buy the thong! I must purchase one immediately.

Tomato Nation is back! Only Sarah can get away with making back fat funny. And thank you lord, another woman who loves baseball. Oh, oh, and the CHiPs drinking game! I missed you, Sars!

There is more reason for rejoicing in my world today. For the first time since I was oh, thirteen or so, I've found a pair of size 12 pants that fit. For you normally-sized people out there, this is no big thing. In fact, a 12 means that my ass is still a big thing. But see it my way: last October I was a 20-22. So my thigh fitting into this half-size strip of cotton twill is a huge fecking accomplishment. Do you hear me, WW? You have my undying affection! I will tell my friends, I will sell my soul to you! But I still won't buy your tacky-ass frozen lunches. No, instead I'll eat a vat of eggplant ikra with hummus and grilled chicken today. Hee hee.

Yesterday I brought home a kole tang (scroll down) for the marine tank. He's a lovely rich brown color, with yellow striations and the trademark yellow ring around his eye. I also put two purple queen anthias on hold for a few days. Right now they're both males, but if they're kept together, one of them will morph and I'll have a mated pair. Look at that purple. Gorgeous.

In a fit of obsessiveness starting Monday night, I've been working on handmade books. Right now there's a whole kanji-joss paper thing happening. But of course, I'm also shopping for new ideas. Check out this and this. And Pinocchio. But one thing at a time. Right now I'm knitting two projects, making a book, idea hunting for Miss Beek's poker board...whew!

One last thing. I turned into a raging bitch for about two hours last night, and I took out my anger on somebody who didn't deserve it. No, no details, sorry. Do you know what he did? He called me on my dumbfuckedness, and then he let me apologize. That, mes amis, is a friend, and I thank him.

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