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2003-08-22 - 9:37 a.m.

What a great lamp!

Does anybody else remember making these as a kid? Ziplock bags full of loops everywhere! How did Mom stand it?

It must look as if I've done no knitting at all lately. Not true! It's just been pretty boring stuff - inch after inch of broken rib on Mom's Christmas jacket and lots of cursing at the blanket stitching on Puppy Love. Let's face it; I'm not a seamstress, and trying to make contrast thread look consistent is very frustrating. Have no fear; I'm knitting away happily. As proof (albeit late and ten days ago), here are the pieces of Pupppy Love before I started stitching.

I can't seem to make my digital camera pick up texture, so you'll have to believe me when I tell you it looks great. Katze approves as well; she slept on the pieces while they were drying after blocking. That's my girl, always leaving her mark. Hope the baby isn't kitty allergic.

In the mean time, I've been plotting Christmas gifts. Yes, it's only August, but as you can tell, I move slowly. The current idea set: Mom gets her knitted jacket; Daddy gets his lovely and fecking *difficult* knitted vest. My gent friends get knitted caps (I'm thinking of using Staceyjoy's lovely Marsan Watchcap pattern). The girls (en masse) will get lacy scarves.

There are a few special gifts left to plan. Miss Beek, for instance. What I want to make her is a big guide to poker hands. Something we can all use as a guide when we're at the apartment, too tipsy to remember if four of a kind beats a straight flush. It needs to be cool, though. And funky. get the idea. So I've been surfing around for ideas. I might even want hand-create a set of playing cards as part of the project. I'm thinking the theme will be Middle Eastern in some way - Beek would dig that. These Arabian stamps are gorgeous. I also like the Passage to India.

I'll leave you with elements for a perfect rainy evening alone.

One enormous bowl of seafood chowder, including a little bacon, lots of clams, lingcod and mussels.
Three clean aquariums filled with healthy fish.
An hour on the elliptical trainer with Spongebob for entertainment.
A long, hot, slow bath with Lush's Big Blue and Gumback Express, a loofah, and a Mach 3 Turbo. Emerge shiny clean and smooth.
Falling asleep on the couch, knitting needles in hand, while watching Simpsons reruns. Let the kitty use your lap as a pillow.

Very good stuff.

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