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2003-07-29 - 7:59 a.m.

First off, *fuck you* to the who jerk who hit Miss Beek and her cruiser yesterday. Beek's going to be fine; she's just scraped up, but her wheel and rim need to be replaced. Here's hoping that the PD traces your license plate, you irresponsible asswad.

The good thing about being sick is that my energies, limited as they are, can be completely devoted to knitting. So far I've completed the back of Puppy Love and am about 7" into the front panel. I'm home from work again - according to my supervisor, nobody wants to listen to my right lung try to cough its way free - and will hopefully finish the two front pieces. Soon it'll be time to go button hunting. I should have looked last weekend at Lambtown, but was so overwhelmed by all the roving and yarns that the four buttons slipped my mind.

I don't know about you, but when I'm sick, there's a specific set of foodstuffs that must be in the house. Of primary importance is diet Vernor's ginger ale, one of the few habits my parents brought with them from Detroit. Luckily there's now a bottling plant here, too - otherwise I'd have to order online, and that would get expensive. Vernor's is the best thing for an unhappy throat and/or tummy. There's no substitute. It also makes me feel like a little kid being nursed by Mom again.

In terms of actual food, about the only things I want are Campbell's Chicken Noodle (which normally is waaaaay too salty for my tastes) and ice cream. Unfortunately lactose is still my enemy, so I had to settle for Soy Dream Strawberry Swirl at the grocery store yesterday. Screw it; can't taste much anyway. And everything smells like rubbing alcohol - can someone explain the physiology behind that phenomenon to me?

The bad thing about being sick - aside from the obvious - is that my reviews for Ms Lovejoy are a little behind. It takes forever to do anything on this dialup line, much less toggle back and forth between diary entries (as is my wont) when I'm reviewing. So to the two people out there who are waiting on me - please be patient. I'm busy reading your archives. Your review *will* post soon.

As for processing the overwhelmed little heartsoulmind package is doing quite well, thank you to everybody who's asked. There are several projects - some internal, some physical - that are fermenting like yeast on barley mash. We'll see what kind of brew ends up in the barrel. For now it's enough that I feel as if someone's holding my hand across many miles.

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