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2003-05-21 - 7:54 a.m.

I've been so lucky and happy lately that I've forgotten what it's like to have a TFUD - a truly fucked-up day. Yesterday fit the bill - and even better, it managed to annoy the crap out of me in just under four hours.

Issue 1: the car
Let's just start by saying that yes, I'm a moron because I take my car to a Honda dealer. However, let it also be said that they've never screwed me and that they rent me a 2002 Civic LX for $15/day. (It's still junk; don't get me wrong.) But do you really need $1700 from me? Do the $400 75K service. Fix the $550 a/c, because it will be 93 degrees today. But don't try to convince me to pay $800 for a catalytic converter. I'm female, not stupid. Someplace like Meineike will only charge me $200 for this. Sigh. I'm still out a grand for repairs.

Issue 2: my foot
When I killed the digital camera on Monday, I also managed to drop it edge-down onto my right big toe. Ow. I'm having trouble walking because it hurts so much. Just call me gimpy.

Issue 3: DMV
I've been fighting with them since February. I just wanted to renew my license. Made an appointment, did the paperwork, took a picture. Cool. But then they sent me a notice: the SS# they have is wrong. So I went back. Twice. Still they can't understand that the SS Administration doesn't have it wrong, THEY do. The third trip was yesterday, and I admit that I flirted shamelessly with the guy in a desperate attempt to get this problem fixed. I've been driving on an extension since my birthday. Now they want at least another 8 weeks for processing. Aaaargh!

Issue 4: the Buffy finale.
Lame. Lamer than lame. I was psyched up for this? You spent half an hour on exposition! You killed Anya with no looking back! Spike is a champion?! Never thought I would say this, but damn, Joss Whedon, I was bored.

Issue 5 and the most serious: my mother.
Last week she stopped speaking to me when I couldn't "appropriately" commiserate with her fury about a neighbor's sprinkler spritzing her car. The sprinkler incident happened at 6:30 a.m. - she called at 3:00 p.m. still livid. When I tried to calm her down and asked her to see a larger picture, she hung up on me. We hadn't spoken again until yesterday, when she called me up and immediately plugged right in to her Bitchy Mom socket. The funniest part? Nobody else would ever get away with suggesting I should be fired from my job, that I deserve to have my home burgled again and that I'm lucky J ever wanted me all in one ten-minute conversation. And on the cell phone, no less. That's it, Mom. I'm done. There is nothing left for me to say.


Please don't mistake me; I'm one of the luckiest people this side of heaven. But I am in no mood today. As a last bit of proof, I offer up my listening booth for the day: XRay Specs, The Damned, X and PJ Harvey. This is no day for Peter Gabriel's Songs of Desperation and Unfulfilled Sexuality. No, instead I want Loud, Angry, Don't Piss Me Off or I'll Egg Your Car music.

I promise to be myself again tomorrow.

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